What to Expect

With Passport, we strive to provide the highest standard of customer care. As part of that commitment, we ensure our clients know what to expect from us, and from themselves, before they enter a treatment facility.
The information below provides useful information to prepare you for your stay with us.

Receiving Your Passport
Upon arrival, you will receive a customized Passport journal to keep with you throughout your stay with us and beyond. This journal is designed to provide an overview of our program, facility, services and amenities; staff listings and facility contacts; detailed information about your diagnosis, including supplemental educational materials and other literature; and an overview of the type of care you will receive.
The journal is also designed to help you document your journey to recovery, with designated areas for daily activities and therapies you participated in, questions for your healthcare providers and notes to take home with you upon discharge. This journal is an ideal way to monitor your personal progress during and after your stay.
Getting the Most Out of Your Trip
While it may not be home, our goal is to make a “just like home” environment for Passport Rehabilitation program participants. Special amenities have been added to enhance the experience of a short-term stay, paying particular attention to the details that matter most to our participants. Although every National HealthCare facility is unique, all Passport Rehabilitation units offer conveniences such as room service, “spa services,” DVD players, and electric beds.
All Passport Rehabilitation facilities also offer their own unique touch to their distinct centers, such as Café-style lounges, a complimentary meal upon discharge from a local restaurant, the latest DVD releases for entertainment, and much more.
Planning Your Stay
It is important to bring clothes and other necessary accessories that allow you to actively participate in therapy and fully enjoy your experience with us. Clothing should be loose-fitting, comfortable and seasonably appropriate. We suggest labeling your clothing and personal items. 
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Words cannot explain how lovely my stay has been. The staff is so friendly and professional and I would recommend to anyone wanting to get back on their feet and home. The highly skilled team met my individual needs with all the amenities and services that made me comfortable.

-Mary Burrus

I knew for myself the minute I walked in the door that these people truly cared-every single staff member reflected a patient-focus and a genuine, believable desire to help our Dad get better and stay well! Thank you from the bottom of our family's heart for being so good at what you do!

-Rick Piper & Family

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